Escaping the Comfort Zone


I chose to start the new year of 2015 by breaking my fears and delving into a completely different mind set. I had fancied the idea of traveling to Southeast Asia for some time, but it was more like a fantasy then a real plan. I was always able to find an excuse not to do it: I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, I don’t have a partner to travel with, etc. until I realized that the only thing that stopped me was actually FEAR – fear of leaving my comfort zone and entering into the unknown.

I guess everybody has their own insecurities which, when it comes to traveling alone for the first time in a faraway place, can be anything from fear of flying to fear of dying. But what better way to overcome fear than by facing and defying it? So, someday at the beginning of October, I booked a flight to Vietnam, just to force myself to leave, for once. All of a sudden everything became real and despite all my anxieties and worries I couldn’t show any hesitation. I started to research and plan everything and the more I found out the more excited and scared I became. But this time the anxiety was justified and constructive, even though sometimes it kept me awake at night.

There has been written a lot on the Internet about organizing a backpacking trip and basically you can learn everything about it just by reading things online, but still… in the end you realize that nothing beats your own experience and that the random events make the best memories. Nevertheless, a little bit of planning in advance is very important in order to not to spoil your getaway during the time of traveling and it is even more important for easing some of your concerns before you leave. I did quite a bit of planning before I left though it turned out to be mostly pointless as I ended up improvising and adapting on the way.

And yes, it’s true: happiness awaits just beyond your comfort zone. I felt not even a single tiny bit of negative “vibe” during the entire time I spent away and it was the first time in my life I felt totally free and independent. Even writing about this with so much enthusiasm, and knowing that people who know me will read, feels like I’m out of my comfort zone, and I like it.

In conclusion, this trip has completely changed my perspective on traveling and I feel compelled to write about it and share it with you on this blog which hopefully, from now on, will become a journal of my many travels, that are yet to come.

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