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We know that one thing leads to another as every small event is changing the possible outcome of the future but sometimes it’s just serendipity.


The story begun with the unfortunate motorcycle accident of Aline (Germany) and Julie (Canada) in Vietnam. I met them in the hostel I was staying in Saigon, in my first day of my trip to Asia. Aline had some infected wounds on her foot and Julie a nasty cut on her chin and some other bruises and scratches. For some reason, almost everybody else in my room was also injured and had wounds and bandages, mostly due to motorcycle accidents. Besides the two girls I remember there was a Polish guy having a nasty wound on his leg from a climbing accident which has been painfully treated without anesthesia in a cheap local hospital, and another guy from New York with some very bad injuries. We were actually joking about how this can be a good conversation starter, and it was indeed. A bit lubed up with some crazy fruits I got from the market and shared with the injured, and later on with the free drinks at the hostel bar, the atmosphere quickly got very positive and friendly.

A few days later I had to fly to Singapore even though I was already thinking of altering my travel plans. I spent the night before my flight with Aline and a Dutch guy we met in the hostel, playing drinking games, with the palinka I brought from home, on the balcony. That’s when, unfortunately, I smoked my first cigarette in months. I was so angry that at some point I threw the last cigarette of the Dutch guy out the window, trying to prove that I don’t need to smoke, which upset him a little bit and we started arguing –  but nothing that a few more shots of palinka couldn’t solve. We didn’t get any sleep that night and we got so drunk that I was afraid I will end up like a girl in our dorm, a night before, who threw up all night and cursed the last 5 more beers she had. I remember she was so funny, even though I felt sorry for her being sick. Aline imitates her swearing very well here:

Having to say goodbye to the people you met, and had a good time with, it’s probably the hardest thing when you travel and that moment hit me after only 5 days in Saigon. So, we said our sad farewells and I went on my way to Singapore, fighting the hangover nausea and nostalgia in the plane.

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  1. Thank you Catalin for this lovely post. The fried friends were some of the best traveller friends I’ve made, and this story will forever live in my heart.
    See you all soon in Romania!

  2. Jessie young on

    hey Catalin!
    Greeting from Porto, Portugal. You can really write!
    I enjoy reading your articals very much .
    Keep on writing


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