Pobiti Kamani – The Stone Forest


About 20 km west from Varna, on the road to Sofia, you can find the unique rock formations known as Pobiti Kamani (aka The Stone Forest).

The Pobiti Kamani had been considered a sacred place since antiquity and numerous legends have arisen over time to explain its existence. Even the “mainstream archaeologists” have many different theories about the origins of the phenomenon.

From a distance, they appear to be ruins of an ancient structure. Clusters of stone columns, reaching five to seven meters in height, are spread over an area of seven square kilometers. These cylindrical columns do not have solid foundations, but are instead hollow and filled with sand and look like they have a purpose or design of some kind.

The site is easy to visit while you are in Varna region. On the highway Varna – Sofia, 18 Km from Varna, look for the road signs indicating Slanchevo and Topoli, then at the next junction follow the sign to Topoli. The entrance fee is 3 Leva.

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