In the morning Paul left to Singapore and then Mariana took a bus to Battambang. The three of us left, spent the rest of the day chilling and shopping and in the evening we had a fish feet massage. Andre left as well late that night, the next morning Aline took a bus to Battambang, where she reunited with Mariana for a while, and later I left to Vietnam.

This was a very personal story which may not have a special significance for anyone other than me, but it’s a story I had to write down and share while it was still fresh because these days I spent in Cambodia, the people I’ve met and the experiences I had, have definitely changed my perspective on traveling and not only. The story may well seem dull or perhaps long and monotonous. That’s because I’m not prepared to share everything on the Internet yet and also because I’m not an experience writer and I feel like the real happenings were much funnier and inspirational than I was able to put into words. I hope you enjoy though and sorry if I made grammar mistakes (I’m working on my English).