The Beginning of a Beautiful “Fried” Friendship


You may wonder why I named this post “Fried Friends…” which may sound a little weird. Well, I borrowed this title from a mistranslated menu in Cambodia on which instead of “french fries” is was written “fried friends”. We laughed so much about it so that eventually has stuck into our minds and we used to repeat the words and giggle.

More than two weeks had passed since I left Vietnam, when another serendipitous event had happen, leading to some utterly charming and enjoyable time that I will not forget for a long time. Even though I never hold out too much hope to reunite with any of the people I meet on the way, I happened to have the chance to met with Aline again in Cambodia. Meanwhile she had befriended two cool dudes (Andre and Paul), fellow-citizens of her, from Germany. We were all hosted at this wonderful guesthouse in Siem Reap.

In the first night we went out and mingled with the new friends. We tacitly accepted Andre as a sort of a leader as he was always the person who could organize and also a very good negotiator. He could bargain and get the best price on almost anything. Thanks to him and his famous line “this is much too much” we never payed more than one dollar (25 cents each), to get from the hostel to the center or the other way around. He also negotiated excellent prices for the full day tuk-tuk service.

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